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Scrubs your brokerage-generated leads*

Guide homebuyers from discovery to close

Nurtures buyers with unique insights, powered by
machine learning

Calls leads when they're ready for an agent referral

Did you know that 98% of internet inquiries get dropped? That’s a huge missed opportunity! Working with OJO ensures a scalable, high-touch experience for every brokerage-generated lead*, which helps maximize your business potential and increase closings.

Initiates a live transfer to one of your agents

Provides analytics and reporting to guide your agents to close

*Looking for OJO to provide leads? Learn about the OJO Select Network, here.

Delivers ongoing agent and buyer support throughout
the process


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Not a brokerage or looking for OJO to provide leads? Learn about OJO Select Network for agents, here.


How It Works

Lead Qualification

Our dedicated team of Customer Engagement Representatives call your prospective homebuyers directly to learn more about where they are in their journey so we can arm your agents with the right information at the right time.

Homebuyer Nurturing

OJO expertly guides buyers throughout their journey with timely insights and personalized recommendations. Brokerages are given a new level of visibility into how their company generated leads are progressing through the buying journey.

Real-time Transfers

Once a homebuyer is prepared, our concierge initiates a live transfer to your best qualified agents available to connect with the homebuyer in real-time. This handoff ensures both homebuyers and agents alike receive the most seamless, hassle-free experience. 

Ongoing Support

The OJO customer success team partners with each agent to provide support and ensure success on the platform. Additionally, a concierge is dedicated to every homebuyer referred to an agent and helps to provide ongoing support. 

OJO partners with your team to put more people in the right home by providing personalized guidance throughout their journey.

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